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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Post Exploitation Collection - This repository is a collection of the post exploitation voodoo from too many sources to name
–> post-exploitation - github <–

The Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet networks reconnaissance and MITM attacks
–> bettercap - github <–

Exchange your privileges for Domain Admin privs by abusing Exchange
–> privexchange - github <–

Gets plaintext Active Directory credentials if you’re on the internal network but outside the AD environment
–> icebreaker - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Offensive Security Bookmarks
–> Offensive Security Bookmarks - github / EK <–

Decompilation Using Pattern-Independent Control-Flow Structuring and Semantics-Preserving Transformations
–> No More Gotos - github <–

Steganography - A list of useful tools and resources
–> Steganography - github <–

–> c++patterns - c++patterns <–

Bypassing Crowdstrike Falcon detection, from phishing email to reverse shell
–> Crowdstrike bypass - 0x00sec <–

URLhaus API Documentation
–> URLhaus API Documentation - URLhaus <–

Extracting user password data with mimikatz dcsync
–> mimikatz dcsync - ASDF <–

Making Meterpreter Look Google-Signed (Using MSI & JAR Files)
–> Meterpreter KnowHow - Medium <–


It only takes a Skype Call to Unlock an Android Handset
–> Skype unlocks Android - HackRead <–

DNS Infrastructure Hijacking Campaign
–> Alert (AA19-024A) - US-CERT <–

Exploit for a bug in TurboFan’s typing of JSCall nodes for builtins kStringLastIndexOf and kStringIndexOf
–> TurboFan Exploit - github <–