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All mentioned security tools can be found here:

Tools Version 0.0.2
–> - Didier Stevens <–

IDAPython tool for creating automatic C++ virtual tables in IDA Pro
–> Virtuailor - github <–

Yet Another Bypass: Is 2FA Broken? Authentication Experts Weigh In
–> Modlishka - Threat Post <–

Talks & Knowledge

Does WhatsApp Has A Privacy Bug That Could Expose Your Messages?
–> potential WhatsApp Privacy Bug - The Hacker News <–

ThreatList: $1.7M is the Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack
–> Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack - Threat Post <–

List of ethical hacking platforms
–> List of ethical hacking platforms - Twitter / trimstray <–

Provision a brand-new company with proper defaults in Windows, Offic365, and Azure
–> OrgKit - SwiftOnSecurity <–

Oversec transparently encrypts and decrypts any text in any app
–> Oversec - F-Droid <–

Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation
–> Windows Sandbox - Tech Community Microsoft <–


Old RF Protocols Expose Cranes to Remote Hacker Attacks
–> Crane hacked - Security Week <–

36-Year-Old SCP Clients’ Implementation Flaws Discovered
–> 36-Year-Old SCP Flaws - The Hacker News <–

Unpatched vCard Flaw Could Let Attackers Hack Your Windows PCs
–> Windows vCard Flaw - The Hacker News <–