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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


Java library to analyse Portable Executable files with a special focus on malware analysis and PE malformation robustness
–> PortEx - github <–

FPGA modules used together with the PCILeech Direct Memory Access (DMA) Attack Software
–> PCILeech FPGA - github <–

Archery is an opensource vulnerability assessment and management tool which helps developers and pentesters to perform scans and manage vulnerabilities
–> Archery - Archery <–

Researchers ported the NSA EternalSynergy, EternalRomance, and EternalChampion to Metasploit
–> NSA exploits in Metasploit - security affairs <–

FLARE IDA Pro Script Series: Simplifying Graphs in IDA
–> SimplifyGraph - FireEye <–

Proof of concept of LibreOffice remote arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability
–> CVE-2018-6871 - github <–

Quiet for Android - TCP over sound
–> org.quietmodem.Quiet - github <–

ActiveMime File Format Documentation
–> activemime-format - github <–

Longtime Sunshine is a proof of concept Nashorn based post exploitation framework. Nashorn is the JavaScript engine that Oracle introduced in Java 8.
–> Longtime Sunshine - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

How to escape sandboxes without technical skills
–> SandboxEscaper - SandboxEscaper <–

PCAP Analyzer for Splunk – Getting Started
–> Splunk/Wireshark - TCP Dump <–

Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence and Reverse Engineering: workshop slides
–> Workshop slides - Blaze’s Security Blog <–

IDA v7.0 Freeware Version
–> IDA v7.0 - Hex-Rays <–

In-Memory Evasion
–> In-Memory Evasion - Cobalt Strike Blog <–

Evil XML with two encodings
–> Evil XML - Arseniy Sharoglazov <–

Feature, not bug: DNSAdmin to DC compromise in one line
–> DNSAdmin to DC compromise - Medium <–

Hackers hijack Nintendo Switch, show Linux loaded on console
–> Linux on Nintendo Switch - ars TECHNICA <–

Vshadow: Abusing the Volume Shadow Service for Evasion, Persistence, and Active Directory Database Extraction
–> Vshadow AD DB Extraction - bohops <–

Analyzing GrandSoft Exploit Kit
–> Analyzing GrandSoft Exploit Kit - nao_sec <–

Abusing Token Privileges For Windows Local Privilege Escalation
–> Abusing Token Privileges for Escalation - Foxglove Security <–

Windows 10 has the ability to get system-unique tracking identifiers that persist across reinstalls by storing them in the TPM or UEFI firmware variables
–> SystemIdentification Class - Microsoft <–


Hackers Can Now Steal Data Even From Faraday Cage Air-Gapped Computers
–> Get over Air-Gap in a Faraday Cage - The Hacker News <–

Return of Quant Loader: Malspam using PDF files tries a new tactic
–> Quant Loader - Malware Traffic Analysis <–

TheFatRat and BeEF - pre and post exploitation method
–> TheFatRat and BeEF - Dcctor Chaos <–

Yet another way to hide from Sysinternals’ tools
–> Hide from Sysinternals tools - Hexacorn Ltd <–

New Monero mining malware infected 500K PCs by using 2 NSA exploits
–> Monero mining malware - Hack Read <–