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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


IDAtropy is a plugin for Hex-Ray’s IDA Pro designed to generate charts of entropy and histograms using the power of idapython and matplotlib.
–> IDAtropy - github <–

A toolset to make a system look as if it was the victim of an APT attack
–> APTSimulator - github <–

Proof of concept attack and detection for ROBOT (Return Of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat).
–> robot-detect - github <–

Kernel Driver Fuzzer
–> kDriver-Fuzzer - github <–

Stealing CSRF tokens with CSS injection (without iFrames)
–> cssInjection - github <–

Simple program that allows you to run commands as another user without being prompted for their password.
–> runsharp - github <–

display unicode character properties
–> unicode - github <–

Tool for dropping malware from EK
–> mal_getter - github <–

Generates permutations, alterations and mutations of subdomains and then resolves them
–> altdns - github <–

ommand-line tool to scan Google search results for vulnerabilities
–> dorkbot - github <–

Talks & Knowledge

Quickpost: Remote Shell On Windows Via Tor Onion Service
–> Quickpost: Remote Shell On Windows Via Tor Onion Service - Didier Stevens <–

AutoSploit: Mass Exploitation Just Got a Lot Easier
–> AutoSploit - DARKreading <–

New public open source sandbox analysis system
–> Cape Sandbox - Context IS <–


Covert Data Channel in TLS dodges network perimeter protection
–> Covert Data Channel in TLS - threatpost <–

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Another Amazon Key door-lock hack
–> Amazon Key door-lock hack - The Register <–

Attackers Exploiting Unpatched Flaw in Flash
–> Flash Exploit - Krebs on Security <–

All Ledger hardware wallets vulnerable to man in the middle attack
–> Ledger hardware wallets vulnerable - HackRead <–