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All mentioned security tools can be found here:


SAML Raider – SAML2 Security Testing Burp Extension
–> SAML Raider - <–

jSQL – Automatic SQL Injection Tool In Java
–> jSQL - <–

Talks & Knowledge

Android Bootloader Vulnerabilities in Vendor Customizations’ includes a live demo
–> The final talk of #WOOT17 ‘fastboot oem vuln - Twitter <–

An Intro to Compilers - How to Speak to Computers, Pre-Siri
–> An Intro to Compilers - Nicole Orchard <–

Blue Pill for Your Phone - backdooring ARM hypervisor on Snapdragon based phones with @ABazhaniuk
–> Blue Pill for Your Phone - GitHub <–
Malware Encoded Into DNA Hacks the Computer that Reads It
–> Hacking Computer with DNA - The Hacker News <–

Analysing/Detecting Malicious PDF’s Primer
–> Analysing/Detecting Malicious PDF’s Primer - LinkCabin <–

Running an Effective Incident Response Tabletop Exercise
–> Incident Response Tabletop - Rapid7 <–

Reminds me about to update my old whitepaper… they did long to adopt to this way of transfering the code…
–> Canvas isn’t your friend - HighAntDev <–
The Silent Risk: The Risk of File-Less Cyber Attacks
–> File-Less Cyber Attackes - InfoSecurity Magazine <–


Millions of RDP Endpoints Exposed Online and Ready for Bad Things
–> Exposed RDP Endpoints - Bleeping Computer <–

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Exposure
–> Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Exposure - Rapid7 <–

New “Disdain” Exploit Kit Spotted on Underground Forums
–> Disdain Exploit Kit - SecurityWeek <–

On Hacker Daily: spyware that can silently record audio, SonicSpy, found hidden in 1,000 Android mobile apps.
–> Android Spyware SonicSpy - Twitter <–

Powerful backdoor found in software used by >100 banks and energy cos.
–> Backdoor in Server Management Software - arsTECHNICA <–
–> Backdoor in Server Management Software - DarkReading <–

Past week, found a malware called “Keeker”
–> Malware Keeker - Virustotal <–
It gets commands from a Gmail account over POP3. From RU speaking actor.
–> Malware Keeker - Twitter <–